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S70 – Replace Water Pump w/Tensioner Removal Only

Perhaps this may be obvious to the seasoned DIY’er’s or even some regular guys like me but after mulling it over and with the help of a couple of links I decided to tackle the Water Pump replacement by removing only the Hydraulic Tensioner. There were many other excellent links in the various Volvo forums (this one included) that some may find to be more helpful but the following provided me with the larger picture of what I needed to do. Continue reading

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Water Pump Replacement

Installing a new water pump: 1. Start by ensuring that the engine block surface is clean and dry.  Use a Scotchbrite cleaning pad to remove the old gasket material from the block. 2. Put the gasket on the block and … Continue reading

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1968 Volvo 1800S Water Pump Replacement B18 Engine

If you have over 2.5 million miles on your Volvo P1800, it might be time to change the water pump. Here’s how: Remove radiator (two bolts) Suggestion: Put cardboard between fan and radiator to prevent fan blades from smashing fins … Continue reading

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