Timing Belt Change

Anyway, I spent all day yesterday on just getting parts off of the timing area. The water pump, idler pulley and tensioner was easy- the hard one was the tensioner pulley…the 25T Torx (some claim it’s actually a T27) is easy to strip and you need the right parts to get it out. On my sedan, at 190K+ miles it had never been changed so I needed it replaced.

I have an “L” shaped torx tool from Autozone and an assortments of bits (you can try holding this on w/ an 8mm wrench) as well as a couple of Torx sockets. Most of the ones sold are too long and you can’t get the socket w/ a ratchet in the small space.

Harbor Freight sells a 3 set Torx socket set for changing out brake component on Fords…it’s a bit shorter and will fit and is made of good quality steel so if you’re going to go that route, I’d say this is a good way to do it, but you’ll need to wedge something in between the end of your ratchet and the fender to get some torque on it.

Serpentine belt removal tool I put together with common plumbing parts- worked very well, btw!

Timing Belt Change

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Date January 9, 2010

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