July 14, 2008

Volvo 850 Trailer Towing Followup

Following up on Towing a Trailer with an 850 and Towing a Trailer with an 850 part II blog post, I’d like to add that I had my total weight calculated at a truck weigh station, and it was well over what Volvo recommends for the towing limit. I’m embarrassed to relate this, being a somewhat careful Volvo owner, but it’s a good “heads up” for all you trailer novices out there that are thinking of doing this.

The trailer can and will fill up quickly, and without experience at estimating furniture weight, you’ll go over recommended weight limits quickly and without knowing it.

When you’re renting a trailer, look it over before accepting it. The lot guy tried to give me a trailer with retreaded tires that had big chunks missing from the tread. No thanks. I asked for another one.

I paid around $275 (turned out to be less than the shop said) for my hitch, installation included, and it was done by pros. I don’t know if this is a good or bad price, but having it done by a shop that does these every day took one variable out of the equation. That was well worth the $275. The wiring worked without fuss, and the hitch proved itself after the 1300-mile haul.

Also, I’d like to note that I did a complete tuneup “Stage 0” before my trip, including new tires.

This is the same model U-Haul trailer I rented. You can put more weight in these than you’d think. (Not my photo.)
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