December 10, 2010

Volvo 6-cylinder VVT engine: Cam Settings

Here’s how our very sharp Forum Moderator JDS60R does the very important lining-everything-up work on a Volvo 6-cylinder VVT engine (S80 and some others). This is generally done during a timing belt change.

  1. Lock cams.
  2. Loosen outer pulley 3 bolts.
  3. Turn outer pulley clockwise to limit position while holding center.
  4. Lightly lock down 3 pulley bolts.
  5. Put center bolt in and lightly tighten.
  6. Turn outer pulley clockwise until it stops.
  7. Lightly loosen center bolt so it still has drag but you can turn inner.
  8. Turn outer pulley one turn (clockwise) until outer pulley mark is 1.5 teeth before mark.
  9. Tighten center bolt to spec without moving 1.5 tooth relationship of outer (just hold inner pulley while tightening -very easy).
  10. Install center plug with o ring -tighten to spec.
  11. Hold inner putting pressure clockwise so it does not move.
  12. Loosen 3 outer pulley bolts and align marks.
  13. Tighten 3 pulley bolts to spec.
  14. Unlock cams.
  15. Reassemble.
  16. Check timing marks through several hand revolutions of motor.
  17. Remember to go past marks 90 degrees and then back to them on all VVT motors ( once it has been pressurized/run)

S80 Timing Gear

Read more about this advice, and the original question, in the Volvo Forum: Confused on Setting the VVT in my ’99 T6

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