September 25, 2013

Volvo Door Rattle Fix

Volvo Forum member Mustang explains his 2001+ “P2″ Volvo door rattle fix: “Since I’ve owned my 2006 XC70 I have always had a nasty rattle in my drivers side door. It made a racket when I closed the door, went over bumps as well as when listening to music.

I finally took the door apart and found the culprits. It appears Volvo attached the power window assembly plus a few miscellaneous brackets to the door frame with rivets. Over time these rivets got quite loose. I drilled the rivets out and replaced with bolts and rubber lock nuts. The rattles are gone and I am happy. I’ve uploaded a couple pictures showing which rivets I took out, the rear window guide was the biggest culprit and was extremely loose. I only replaced the loose rivets and left the others alone. I hope this helps someone, looks like a bad design flaw to me.”

P2 Door Rattle Fix

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