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Volvo Radio Codes Explained


Volvo radios have a theft-proof system that freezes the radio if power is interrupted. It was designed that way to prevent theft of the radio. The downside is your radio will be locked if you disconnect the battery for any reason, or if the battery dies.

When you restore power, it will say ‘CODE‘ on the display. This is your cue to find the easily misplaced credit-card lookalikes that have your radio’s code written on it. New Volvo owners got two, I believe.

Store Your Code Here

Once you get your code, store it here on this site so you’ll always know where it is.

How to Reset the Radio

  • When the radio displays CODE, you may enter the code using the preset radio station buttons
  • For instance, my number is 1615, so when I get the CODE on the radio’s display, I press the radio preset button 1, then the radio preset button 6, then the radio preset button 1, then the radio preset button 5.
  • If your radio says OFF, leave the ignition on in the first position for 2 1/2 to 3 hours in order for it to display CODE. In certain models you can clear the OFF state by pulling the fuse for the radio (#7 in my car). That’s a bit simpler than leaving the ignition in the first position for a couple of hours — particularly if you don’t have a garage.

The four-digit code is unique to your radio; your neighbor’s code will not work on your radio. So what to do if you’ve misplaced, or never received, the white card, like most people?

Dealers have your radio code in a database, and can look it up. Many will give you the code over the phone if you’ve lost your card. You can call any Volvo dealer: they all have the same computer system to look up your Volvo radio code.

Sometimes the code is written on the radio itself. But you have to pull the radio out (not hard) to see it.

Other dealers will have you drive to their lot and speak to them in person. Because the dealer will need to read off the radio’s serial number to cross-reference it with the unique code, bring your radio, and your Volvo. Some reportedly charge US$10-$100 for this. Hmmmmm. I suppose dealers can choose to charge for this, and we can choose to not go back, right?


Don’t intentionally break the flow of power (disconnect the battery) from the radio unless you have the code.

If you have the code write it down in several locations. Don’t keep any of them in the car, although Volvo radios having much value on the black market is questionable.

If you don’t have the code, call the dealer to ask what they need from you. Don’t pay the dealer any money for the code! If they want money, hang up and call another.

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193 Responses to Volvo Radio Codes Explained

  1. Dustin Melton says:

    I just purchased a use volvo and couldn’t figure out the code so i just mashed in a bunch of numbers. It displays OFF now. I called my local Volvo dealership and all they required for the code was my VIN number. Took all of 5 mins to get the code. currently waiting the 2-3 hours for the radio to reset to test it.

  2. VO Kataja says:

    i sold -97 my 850R, due poor service in Irving TX, and i just got used V70 without radio code…i walked to dealer in Salo, Finland and they asked 40 Euros with terrible attitude…now i remember again why i sold my 850R :( :( :(


    hi i bought a volvo S40 the radio is locked how do i unlock it?

  4. joseph Pierre Leonard says:

    I need the code for my volvo: V70XC Moteur: B5254T-1189355, serie: YV1LZ5642W2439668, annee 1998

  5. hans says:

    por favor ayudenme a conseguir el codigo de mi radio volvo, la serie de la radio es v01030v5060004c el modelo de la radio es sc813

  6. david says:

    j ai changé de batterie et me suis trompé de code maintenant on me dit de attendre 2h pour remettre en route mais cela ne fonctionne pas pouvez vous m aider

  7. alfrommontreal says:

    Hi, I just bought a sc816 radio off a guy on ebay, to replace mine in 98 V70 AWD(broken tape deck). He didn’t have the code, but the serial # on the back of the radio is
    VO8170 W5299080D
    Part #353377-1
    Anyone have the code? Thanks a lot!

  8. dave says:

    called a volvo dealership today for an anti-theft radio code which ended up being incorrect. the code they gave was ’6465′. we have a 1998 v70 wagon xc vin# YV1LZ5649W2517881

  9. dave says:

    oh, the radio is an SC-816 with serial #VO8170 W0059010E
    part# 3533771-1
    thanks again.

  10. FASH FIDEL says:


  11. KP says:

    Thanks for the write up. Worked great on my 99 s70!

  12. sharonda says:

    someone pleasse hlp nd code for 98 volvo s70

  13. Zig506 says:


    I have a 1999 XC70, had to replace the battery and called my local dealer for the code. It does not work. Went to the dealer, the mechanic says I am SOL. Go buy after market…It’s not the same…
    The VIN#: YV1LZ56D6X2559619
    RADIO CODE: 6412 (does not work)
    Radio model: 3533788-4969

    S/N: AL E51A W 07 24496
    M 8 07 24496

    Any help in the matter would be great….


  14. Edward Scott says:

    I tried ding what is mentioned in the article above (leaving the key in the ignition for 3 hOURS)and this still did not remove the off code being displayd on the radio. My battery and alternator seem to be in good condition also, are there any other suggestions? Thank you.

  15. santiago says:

    I need the radio code, volvo 850 turbo 1994… serial no. b30554133g

  16. kwame says:

    need a radio code for 1997 volvo 850

  17. ahmed says:

    i have radio for car volvo s70, model 1998 , and put code three times then closed and give me OFF
    - please How to work this radio again pls

  18. martie says:

    my volvo v70 2000 radio does not say code says off…vin # is YV1LW61J6Y2642402…can you help with a radio code?

  19. martin says:

    Hi, my Volvo is a S70 year 98, radio model SC-805, and the vin# is YV1L57202V2412052. Thanks for your help.

  20. Tant geert says:

    hallo heb een volvo v40 bouwjaar 2013, OUTO RADIO code of door platte baterij
    Wie kan mij helpen

  21. Merry says:

    Thanks for your clear explanation of “codes”, I have been going crazy for days trying to figure out the issue with my factory installed XM/Sirius radio on a 2009 S40, I bought used, this info hopefully wil help me resolve. One question though,my FM radio works, it is just the XM/Sirius that displays “off”, would this still be a code issue?thanks in advance!

  22. Alan Rice says:

    I need code for 940 turbo volvo 1993 Please.

  23. Daniel M says:

    Need radio code for 2002 Volvo S40 VIN:YV1VS29572F874821.Any help is greatly appreciated

  24. bob garbutt says:

    I had to replace the battery, did have the code but put it somewhere safe! VOO690 X91693664G ON sc-805 radio

  25. R.Montes says:

    My radio don’t work.
    I used the correct # 5666 code but always have the EEE code. What can I do.
    940 VOLVO 1994

  26. Eugenio P. Garces says:

    I bought a volvo V70 1998 model<but the car arrive to maputo with a radio blocked, because the batery was off!
    can you arrange the code please?
    car details: VOLVO V70 WAGON/CHASSIS YV1LW-5208W2438433

  27. Emmanuel Guapo says:

    Hi, I need the code for my radio 1998 Volvo C70, the battery completely died and needed to be replaced. VIN # YV1NC5679WJ000252


  28. verna says:

    i have a 1993volvo 960 idont have the radio code to reset after my battery died vin number is yvlk5950p0029124 my radio is a sc810 can you help pls thank you verna

  29. verna jones says:

    radiocode needed for a sc810 in a 93 volvo vin yvlk5950p00124

  30. Matt says:

    Everybody asking for your car’s code: I don’t have it. I can’t get it.

    Only you can get it, and I’ve explained how… in this blog post.

  31. Bryan says:

    these people asking you for their car’s code are a joke

  32. Richard says:

    Please I bought a Volvo s40 2002 and the radio show off, can you please tell me how to unlock this, car details: Chasis no: *YV1VS17K92F829675* Thanks

  33. Louis Vutoyi says:

    Hie I’m a Hestony Transport driver, m driving Volvo FH 400hp, radeo needs code,please help

  34. josen says:

    please i can,t remember my volvo radio code

  35. b.futterman says:

    i have a 940 sedan….code shows eeee
    i put in the correct code but it still doesn’t work…..help…

  36. Greg Kern says:

    bought a 2000 s40 got the radio code but when I enter it all I get is EEE, ENTER THE CODE 2354 do this 3 times it locks up and you wait 2 hrs. to try again, am I doing it wrong?

  37. c.rose says:

    Thanks for the info. I pulled the fuse on my 2002 S40 and that didn’t work, but leaving the ignition turned to the #1 position for 2 1/2 hours worked like a charm!
    I’ve got tunes again.
    Thanks so much.

  38. jan says:

    Hi my husband bought a radio off ebay for his Volvo v70 xt tdi 1998 it did not come with a code the serial no is v00690 w2529146f can anyone help please

  39. michaela adams says:

    Hi my husband bought a radio off ebay for his Volvo c70 2001 convertible it did not come with a code the serial no is V00690 W6239023E any help would be greatly appreciated

  40. Deno says:

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I recently bought a secondhand volvo hu -605 stereo to go into my old V40 but I don,t have the code …. The serial number on the unit is VO3550 2926E186 and also written on it is the registration of the car I presume it came out of? AF03 JFG… Thanks

  41. jt says:

    Volvo C70 radio perfect until battery replaced. I enter 4215 as hand written in owner manual by previous owner but get “EEEE” every time. Pls. help!

  42. Ingo Themel says:


    I need the code for my SC 805 (V40) VO1590Y110E028G
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank you

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