The Volvo Repair Database

Welcome to the Web's only Volvo Repair Database. The VRD contains 1579 fixes and DIYs for Volvo cars. I started it in 2005, and actively seek additions to it. If you've documented a repair and want to see it here, please contact me.

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Choose from three ways of looking at the Volvo Repair Database data:

Viewing Volvo repairs by category breaks down the repairs into groups like Engine, Transmission, Interior, etc. After choosing a category, look for repairs relating to your car.

Viewing the Volvo Repair Database by car model -- as you might have guessed -- organizes the repairs by car type... XC70, V40, 850 and all the rest.

This shows the whole long list of repairs, all models, all categories. This page is very large. In fact, it has exactly 1579 links on it. This shows the whole long list of repairs, all models, all categories. It's split into 18-post pages.

But wait! There's more!

So MVS Volvo Repair Database has 1579 entries, and the Volvo Forums have 60,000+ topics. If most of the forum is dedicated to fixing Volvos, why aren't all forum topics in the VRD? I continually scrape the "creme de la creme" from the forums, summarize/edit/illustrate/caption it, and put it here. So are the other fifty-three thousand topics not good? No! They have truckloads of great information. I just can't take everything from the forums and put it in the VRD, else the VRD would be redundant.

And even more!

The Beginner's Page - new to used Volvo? Start here.

Just when you thought you couldn't possibly take another bite of this 12 course Volvo information buffet dinner, I offer you:

Volvo Terms Glossary -- Find out what we're saying.

Trouble Codes -- the codes you get from from the On Board Diagnostic System are listed and (some) are associated with relevant Volvo Forum topics. Trouble Codes for 1996-1998 model year Volvos. Trouble Codes for 1999 and up Volvos. Same thing as above, but for newer Volvos. Wiring diagrams for probably every model/year Volvo since 1994. Take a look, and enjoy. If you have any questions, please join/log in/post in the Volvo Forum. Volvo Transmissions page shows Volvo car model, engine code, transmission type and transmission code.

Note Volvo Commonality = Cross-Posts

When you begin looking at each of these repairs, often the repair will appear, for example, in the Volvo 850 repairs category, the Volvo S70 & V70 repaircategory, and the Volvo XC70 repair category. Don't worry, they're not miscategorized! Instead, the information contained in the post is relevant to all those models because Volvo used common parts across models, and across generations of the same model.

For instance, the 850's engine was used in the S60, XC90, C30, S70, V70, C70 and a handful of other Volvos, and (some) repairs to the engine are the same across all those models. So if you see an XC70 repair in the S60 category, for instance, it's because the repair is the same or very similar for S60s.

VRD Update Frequency

I add repairs* every week, if not every day. Most of these repairs are taken from the MVS Volvo Forums, while a few are VRD pages, and a few others are live offisite on other Volvo resources. I don't care where the fix is, if it's important, you'll find it here.

*  (help, advice, DIY tutorials, videos, performance tips etc.)