Volvo Transmissions Guide

All Volvo transmissions, their year, their engine pairing, their type and their model number, from the Volvo 240 to the Volvo XC90.

Volvo transmission AW55-50

Volvo transmissions vary by model and year, so here’s a guide to help identify which transmission your Volvo has.

ModelYearEngine SizeTrans TypeTransmission Model
2401992-93L4 2.3L4 Spd RWDA42DL (03-70L)
7401990-92L4 2.3L4 Spd RWDA42DL (03-70L)
7401990-92L4 2.3L (W/Turbo)4 Spd RWDA43DL (03-71)
7401990-92L4 2.3L4 Spd RWDA44DL (03-72L)
8501993-97L5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWD50-40 (AW50-40)
9401992-95L4 2.3L (W/Turbo)4 Spd RWDA43DL (03-71)
9601992-97L6 2.9L4 Spd RWDA341E (30-40LE)
120, 140, 160, 240, 18001964-1975BW35
240, 2601974-1983BW55
740 Diesel8/1984-1988ZF4HP22
740 Turbo1985-1994AW71,L
740, 760, 7801986-1988ZF4HP22
740, 7801984-1991AW70
760 Turbo DieselE1983-1984BW55
760, 7801985-1990AW71
C701998-00L5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
C702001-04L5 2.3L 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
Cross Country2002L5 2.4L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S402000L4 1.9L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
S402001-04L4 1.9L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S402005-06L5, 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S402005-06L5 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-51
S602001L5 2.3L 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S602003-06L5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S602003-06L5 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S60 R2006L5 2.5L6 Spd AWDTBD
S702000L5 2.4L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S702000L5 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S701998-00L5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
S801999-04L5 2.4L 2.5L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
S802004-06L5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
S802004-06L5 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
S901997-98L6 2.9L4 Spd RWDA341E (30-40LE)
V402000L4 1.9L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
V402001-04L4 1.9L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V502005-06L5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
V502005-06L5 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V701998-00L5 2.3L 2.4L4 Spd FWDAW50-42LE
V701998-00L5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L4 Spd AWDAW50-42LE
V702000-05L5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
V70 R2000L5 2.4L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V702000-06L5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
V70 R2006L5 2.5L6 Spd AWDTBD
V901997-98L6 2.9L4 Spd RWDA341E (30-40LE)
XC702003-06L5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
XC902006V8 4.4L6 Spd AWDAWTF80SC
XC902003-05L6 2.9L4 Spd AWDA341E (30-40LE)
XC902003-06L5 2.5L5 Spd AWDAW55-50
XC902003-06L5 2.5L5 Spd FWDAW55-50SN
Data courtesy Import Drivetrain. Thanks guys!

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