Volvo V70 Front Strut Replacement Supplement

swaybar endlinkReplacing Front Struts – And More

Here’s a superb supplement for working on Volvo front suspensions. These tips/tricks should make the job much easier for and veterans alike. It applies to all generation 1 FWD Volvos: 850, V70, S70, V70 XC and C70. It’s even close enough to the second generation (“P2”) Volvos that I used it for my 2004 V70.

Volvo Front Suspensions – A Little Background

At around 100k miles your Volvo’s front suspension components will be either worn out or nearly worn out. The usual suspects are strut seats, tie rods, sway bar end links, control arm bushings, cv boots and bump stops. Struts themselves will sometimes go up to 150k miles, but mine were ready for replacement at 100k. Springs often last the life of the car and are usually replaced only for performance (cornering) reasons.

This is actually more than a supplement for a strut replacement; it’s an overview to understand how your suspension works, and how to go about replacing worn parts on it.

V70 front suspension exploded diagram

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Date April 13, 2010

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  1. dr,haldin says:

    diagram for replacing suspension strut fo volvo V70,XC estaten2002.thank you

  2. Peter says:

    Please provide diag with the names of part.
    Respectfully yours
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