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56 Responses to Volvo Wiring Diagrams

  1. Dan says:

    I am looking for wiring diagram for driver’s side door master switch module on 2001 V70.

  2. Rich buck says:

    I am trying to wire a Volvo power seat into a non power seat Volvo. There are a ton of wires. Can someone help me with a wiring diagram. The seats came out of a 2002 Volvo 70 I believe. Thank you. Also I tried the repair database but they have been removed.

  3. oddo starkey says:

    im looking for 940 ’91/’96 greenbook wiring diagram

  4. Ian Galloway says:

    @ Rich Buck. The seats should be just “plug n play” and all you have to do is put in a 30A & a 15A fuse in no.5 & 24 fuse section. Hey Presto!, You hjave working seats! That’s all I did after swapping my “keep-fit” seats for electric seats.

  5. I need the wiring diagram for volvo 850 1995 for the air pump, my car has it missing and after getting a used one with the harness attached, I cant find the same wires on mine.

  6. Tuomo Mankinen says:

    I need wiring diagram for volvo c70 1999 for the throttle (made by sweden parts). Need to know what color wire and pins are jointed?

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