Volvo Wiring Diagrams

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79 responses to “Volvo Wiring Diagrams”

  1. Dan says:

    I am looking for wiring diagram for driver’s side door master switch module on 2001 V70.

  2. Rich buck says:

    I am trying to wire a Volvo power seat into a non power seat Volvo. There are a ton of wires. Can someone help me with a wiring diagram. The seats came out of a 2002 Volvo 70 I believe. Thank you. Also I tried the repair database but they have been removed.

  3. oddo starkey says:

    im looking for 940 ’91/’96 greenbook wiring diagram

  4. Ian Galloway says:

    @ Rich Buck. The seats should be just “plug n play” and all you have to do is put in a 30A & a 15A fuse in no.5 & 24 fuse section. Hey Presto!, You hjave working seats! That’s all I did after swapping my “keep-fit” seats for electric seats.

  5. I need the wiring diagram for volvo 850 1995 for the air pump, my car has it missing and after getting a used one with the harness attached, I cant find the same wires on mine.

  6. Tuomo Mankinen says:

    I need wiring diagram for volvo c70 1999 for the throttle (made by sweden parts). Need to know what color wire and pins are jointed?

  7. adamm285 says:

    I need 1999 v70 fuel pump wiring diagram

  8. Kyle says:

    Hi I’m looking for a wiring diagram for a 2001 S40, I need to find a switched 12v source in the radio harness to tap off of.


  9. A . Al Duraie says:

    ec360LC Volvo excavator 2000 kindly send me circuit diagram.


  10. A Al Duraie says:

    ec360LC volvo 2000 circuit diagram please.


  11. A Al Duraie says:

    ec360Lc volvo 2000 circuit diagram

  12. AlDuraie says:

    ec360LC Volvo excavator 2000 circuit diagram


  13. j roberto says:

    meu piloto automático parou de ligar alguém sabe me dizer por onde começar volvo 850 ano 94/95

  14. VolvoFun says:

    I’m looking pinout from ”amp end” side speakers plug) for my volvo s60. Amplifier 4x50w under seat 8673135.


  15. Rob Searle says:

    Looking for a wiring diagram for a Volvo N10 – can anyone help me?

  16. robyn says:

    I need wiring diagram for 1990 240 dl. Having issues with fuel pumps, relay, ignition,windows, my car is an electrical nightmare. Please help. Thankyou

  17. robyn says:

    Please I need a wiring diagram for 1990 240 dl. Fuel sytem, ignition, pumps; relays,windows,my car is an electrical nightmare. please. Please

  18. Need a wiring diagrame for a Volvo C70 convertible roof.


  19. asko vaananen says:

    I am looking for wiring diagram for volvo s40 2000, i have some problems with driving lamp.

  20. Harold Muller says:

    My 1995 Volvo 960 clicks under the shifter every time I press the brake pedal. I think it’s a bad microswitch. Does anyone know exactly where the two wires coming from the microswitch attach? The two posts coming out of the top of the microswitch have No wires attached to them. They must have been removed at some point. I’m assuming the shift lock solenoid works since it clicks everytime I press (or maybe release?) the brake. The car shifts out of park just fine. The clicking is driving me batty!!! Help!

  21. Harley R. says:

    I need a wiring diagram for a 1998 volvo v70 R to the stereo please

  22. Maggo says:

    Hi Matt,

    I look for the wiring Diagramm for Volvo V50 (2009). I have some trouble with the tailgate.

  23. Tonny says:

    i am looking for wiring for a 98 v70 for the4 security system for a no start problem

  24. elaine jacobs says:

    1999 S40 T4 automatic – any and all available electrical / relay diagrams + fusebox / electrical box and manuals PLEASE,
    Bought the car with no manuals. Struggeling with no-start immobiliser.
    Help please Matthew! 😉

  25. stuart says:

    looking for wiring/workshop manuals for volvo v60 2012 diesel D3

  26. jvb says:

    Hi could you please send me a wiring diagram for the thermo fan and sensors for a volvo t5 s70 1997 model? im having over heating problems. thanks heaps :)

  27. jvb says:

    Also my plug that fits into the relay (centre plug) is broken 1 wire is yellow and the other is white and yellow im not to sure where they go. The relay is marked 1 and 2 high n low speed? any ideas?

  28. Samuel Burt says:

    115.000 on my 95 had about a year great car will own Volvo forever but need wiring diagram for w/s/e switch center console, love the support sand forum thanks Sam- 01_951_972_6225

  29. thomas says:

    Id like the wiring for the top on a 99 c70 convetible so i can test it. The top itself wont go down evrything else works

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