November 3, 2008

Winterize Your Volvo

Here are over a dozen tips you can perform on your Volvo to make it ready for winter.

Volvo Winter Tips

It includes things like checking your tire pressure (colder air makes tire pressures drop) and testing your coolant for freezing temperature protection.

I’d like to add to that: check your drain gutters for decomposing leaves. They clog my trunk gutter drain tubes on my 850 every fall. Water sometimes flows into the trunk :shock:

  1. All Season Tire Recommendations Volvo recommends at least H rated tires on the turbo...
  2. Bevel Gear Maintenance on 1997-2002 Volvo AWD Cars Beveal Gear Maintenance Here’s a downloadable PDF from on...
  3. Unclog the Evaporator Drain (A/C) If you hear water sloshing around under your dash and...
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