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1-man DIY Hydraulic Bleeding Kit using Air Compressor!

Have you ever done a Brake fluid flush and bleeding with an air compressor?

DIY: 1-man Hydraulic Bleeding Kit for those with Air Compressor!
This is a DIY cap-hose combination, to bleed the hydraulic system using an existing Air Compressor.

Hydraulic Bleeding Kit

In theory, you can use “Motive Power Bleeder”, which is nothing more than a modified garden sprayer bottle. However, it costs around US $50 or so.

But for those who already owns an air compressor, you can do the following DIY, this way you:
– Can invest minimally using my DIY (about $15 total)
– Do not have to clean the Motive Bleeder after the job. Also keeping the Motive Bleeder Bottle clean for the next 2 years (until you bleed again) can be a challenge (dirt collecting inside the bottle etc.).
– Using my DIY cap-hose combination, you simply bleed and then store the DIY cap-hose combination away after use. Just use a Ziploc bag to cap both ends and tie it so dirt does not get in this device.

General Notes:
– Brake Fluid is very corrosive to paint work, so wipe off any spill on paint work ASAP.
– Use a small funnel to pour brake fluid into the reservoir to avoid spill.
– Wrap the area around the reservoir with some rag to absorb any spill.
– The Air Compressor: use minimum 10 psi, max 15 psi. Do NOT exceed 30 psi (risk of damage to reservoir although I do not know for sure what pressure it takes to rupture the reservoir).
– Do not ever allow air to enter the hydraulic ABS system, because once air is inside the ABS Modulator, it is very difficult to get rid off. If you allow air to enter the ABS Modulator, then you need to visit the dealer so they can use their computer device to bleed the air out of the ABS Modulator. Now you are talking big expense!

DIY: 1-man Hydraulic Bleeding Kit using Air Compressor!

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