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Will 16″ Rims Fit A P2 S60 R? Or a V70 R?

Let’s talk 16″ Rims

The P2 (Volvo slang for second generation) Volvo R (Volvo slang for performance model) cars have 302mm brakes. Given that, is it possible to put a sixteen inch wheel onto an R car?

Enkei“You cannot fit any 16 inch wheel to a P2 R but there are few inexpensive 17 inch aftermarket that fit. If you’re concerned with a wide snow tire Volvo recommends going with a 225/45/17 instead of a 235/45. Enkei used to make a very good looking cheap wheel. Mak aftermarket 17 inch wheels need 5mm spacers to clear the calipers.” 16″ Rims

Sixteen inch rims vs 17 inch rims on a 2006 R

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Thanks to the OP for asking the question, and thanks for the reply Matthew!

I was wondering the same thing. I want two things from my S60R.

1) Maximum comfort (I am sensible most of the time)

2) Maximum Stealth (you tend to be noticed more then when I was in my S40 T4 with steel rims! :D.)

Shame. Would have loved to have achieved both. Now I’m looking for basic design 17″ alloys to make the car look normal. The only other option would be to fit on smaller discs, but err… 🙂

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