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Change 740/760 Transmission Fluid? How Much?

Let’s talk about how to Change 740/760 Transmission Fluid

Change 740/760 Transmission Fluid? How Much?

When I bought the car, it had ~112,000 miles, now it has about 116,000. I am unsure of what transmission maintenance was performed (if any other than adding fluid) before the car came into my possession. Thus, I worry that newer fluid with new detergents could cause issues. I am speaking of a simple drain and fill, not a full flush (that really frightens me). So, not all of the old fluid will be replaced with new fluid.

1988 760GLE Transmission inquiry

Bonus! More on the Volvo 760

With the 760 saloon, introduced in early 1982, Volvo entered the small number of manufacturers of prestige vehicles with superior comfort and high performance levels.

The 760 were a very distinguished car, which thanks to its uncommon rather angular design offered good interior space. The safety level was superior to both previous Volvo cars and to most competitors.

The ‘basic’ version of the 760GLE was driven by a developed version of the French V6 engine previously used in the 260 Series, but was later supplemented by a very fast 4-cyl. Turbo version with Intercooler and with a 6-cyl. Diesel version with Intercooler which thanks to good performance and low fuel consumption offered superior comfort over long distances and an unparalleled cruising range.

The most extensive change to the 760GLE saloon took place in 1987, when the frontal appearance was changed and a unique multi-link rear axle was introduced, together with hundreds of other major changes, making this a virtually new car.

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