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I don't know that we've actually had an MVS forum user say that their Volvo inline-5 met its end without the T-belt breaking, oil loss, etc.

“I have an 1997 850T wagon and am curious what the average life (mileage) expectancy is for its engine. I am at 140,000 but she has been babied for every one of those miles and consistently maintained. My other car has passed an astonishing 300,000 mile mark and is still running fine but my mechanic just told me that a Volvo turbo engine is blessed if it passes 100K and I should be prepared for the worse.”

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I don’t know that we’ve actually had an MVS forum user say that their Volvo inline-5 met its end without the T-belt breaking, total oil loss, etc. These engines are very robust. I think your mechanic doesn’t work on Volvos very often. [500k miles goal]

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history of the volvo 5 cylinder engine part 2

I can attest to that…even the guy over on the Brickboard who was driving an 850 and pulling a trailer wherever he went lost his engine with the timing belt breaking. He was almost at 500,000 miles and kept posting that he was past due for a timing belt and wondered how much further he could go. Anyway, long story short, it was a weekly event to hear how many more miles he put on his 850- He had no intention of changing the belt- said he had gotten his money’s worth out of his Volvo and was wanting a new one so he was going to let the engine self-destruct. Sure enough, it eventually did….

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1997 850T Engine Lifelife (mileage) expectancy

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  1. Your Mechanic is totally wrong!!! Volvo will last 300K plus if you take care of the regular maintence. my father worked for them for 20 years, and god father has worked for them as a VOLVO MASTER TECh, for 28 years and says they will last forever if taken care of they arent turbo charged for massive power like a hot rod, they are more for pick up, and economy!!! if the car has been taken car of you can count on many many more years of safe fun driving

  2. Hi I am about to buy a xc70 02 auto petrol, with 170k on the clock, but I am not sure if I will get a good few years of good run with the car without put a lots of money in the engine maintenance, so anyone can give me a advise pls thank you.

  3. I have a 1993 850 series volvo with 257000 miles and runs better than my 2000 toyota camry. It has been on the autoban in Germany and is now being driven in the brutal hot valley of the sun (Phoenix) for the pass 15 years. Runs like a champ.

  4. One good reason to a second opinion, with how many mechanics there are in this world always douple or even tripple check what they are saying because although they may be very good with the cars they dont always give the best information. For example him saying that your 850t will not last past 100k. That would just be absurd. Honestly knowing that a car is only going to give you the initial 100k i would find it pointless to ever buy one because when buying a car whos going for the one with the short life. Take your volvo to a specialist that does just volvo rather then a mechanic who belives they can fix any kind of car. Take care of the turbo take care of the maintince drive like a comuter and not a race car and you could see anoth 200k on the odo. before shes toast.

  5. I have a 97 850 with 500,000km and am planning to put over 1 million.

    One guy already put over 2.4 million on his Volvo I was reading on the net the other day.

    Take care of it and it will last you more than a life time. They aren’t called Volvo’s for nothing. Volvo for life? More like Volvo forever if you take care of it. Clean oils and regular maintenance is all it takes.

  6. i have a 1996 850 sedan which stops when temp hits just under halfway on gauge,have replaced thermstat,temp control unit and crank angle sensor,but still keeps stopping. any suggestions

  7. I have a 97 850 with over 350000 km still drives like new. I bought another one for parts but it turnd out to be road worthy with only minor repairs.Very solid cars.I live in Northern Ontario as a fleet mechanic/bodyman/ painter and have seen other brand of vehicles fall apart from the salt we use on our highways.The volvo body seems to last 1.5 times longer and the engine will go forever if you change oil and timing belts at service interval.

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