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1998 V70 33-Step Timing Belt Replacement w/Pics

Need a Step Timing Belt Replacement ?

Tools for the 33-Step Timing Belt Replacement

MVS Forums member (now Contributor) deepsouth turns the DIY knob to Maximum and shows us how to do a timing belt in 33 steps. As well as each step, he lists tools used, photos and his deepest timing belt thoughts. And if you have any deep timing belt thoughts or questions, please ask!

  1. Remove spark plug cover and metal fuel line holder (T25 and T30).
  2. Remove two bolts from upper timing cover (10 mm).
  3. Remove coolant reservoir and level sensor and set on top of motor.
  4. Use serp belt tool to lock belt tensioner in place with hex wrench and remove serp belt.
  5. Remove locked belt tensioner (12mm). Set belt, tensioner and two bolts aside.
  6. Remove lower timing cover bolt (10mm) and lower timing cover. Keep upper cover in place.
  7. Take off front right wheel and clip back fender skirt (10mm bolt), exposing crank pulley and hydraulic tensioner.
  8. Remove timing belt guard behind crank pulley (two 10mm bolts).
  9. Locate timing tick marks on intake and exhaust cams (I used white out to enhance the marks).
  10. Rotate crankshaft using 30mm socket until intake and exhaust cams line up with notches on upper timing cover (I also enhanced these with whiteout). Will take up to two revolutions for them to line up.
Click on the Read More link below to see the whole enchilada!

1998 V70 AWD 33 Step Timing Belt Replacement with Photos

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