2001 V70 ABS Module Frustration

2001 V70 ABS modules compared

MVS Forums superuser and ABS expert Matty Moo lays out these facts in trying to solve a particularly vexing ABS module mystery:

  • The 8619538 module works on other pre-CEM.
  • The other STC modules don’t want to work on CEM cars with the 8619538 module.
  • I’ve had no problems like this on the non-CEM cars.
  • You can put an AWD module on a pre CEM car with STC and it will work, along with the regular STC module.
  • 8619538 module is soldered differently than all of the other Teves MK20 modules. You can open one up and see zero cracking on any of the pins, even using a magnifying glass. The only cars I’ve seen this module on is the CEM cars.

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3 Replies to “2001 V70 ABS Module Frustration”

  1. you have to take the abs unit off
    saw it apart look att the two conections were the wire with only two conectors are atachet
    on the electronic card you will find that the one or maybe both conections are broke
    you need to take youre led warmer to make the tinn get together again seal it upp with
    silicon and mount it back and wola you have fixt it to zero cost

  2. Hi, can you tell me if the 8619538 CEM module be repaired. i open mines up and checked it even with a magnifying glass and did see any cracks. When to the dealer today, drove over 165 miles to let the them check but they assured me it was the ABS module causing the ABS liight to be om. Now I have two troubles the flywheel is out. I am in need of a fly wheel and module. I have a 2000 volvo nonturbo S80 with 2.9 litre. If you can help me, I will appreciate it.

  3. I just purchased a 2002 v70 2.4t that has the ABS warning in my information center and the ABS light on the right on permanently. What do I need to purchase for an 02 model? They are different than the earlier models correct? Thanks Joe in Ga

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