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2001 V70 Outer Tie Rod Replacement


E170_Driver documented the job of replacing his 2001 V70’s outer tie rods to eliminate what he describes as annoying front wheel shimmy.

My V70 has been experiencing a front wheel shimmy at different speeds, but mostly noticeable when traveling on the highway. The problem has been getting worst over time and it was finally time to do something about it before I would do some serious damage to the car.
I first had the tires balanced, but realized quickly that the issue was not resolved. After conducting some research I next placed the blame at the outer tie-rods and this is my write-up for replacing them. Tie-rods wear out with time at the ball joints and therefore become loose causing the front wheels to shimmy. Please be advised that I am by no means a professional mechanic, but follow directions from manuals and websites like this one.

I called the next closest dealership in Lexington, KY and got a quote of $350 for replacing the outer tie rods for both sides. Next I got a quote from a Volvo shop in Louisville that replaced my timing belt last year; once again the number was close to $300. Next I did some reading upon the subject and FCP Groton had both the LH and RH for a total of $39.90; I ordered them on Friday and the UPS truck showed up today, Tuesday morning.


I can attest that once again by doing a little research one can save lots of money by fixing the problem of front wheel shimmy yourself. The task in replacing both units took me about 1 hour. With the help of the Haynes manual and this website I was able to get rid of an annoyance and a potential future serious problem. This replacement is certainly not very difficult in nature and anybody who is handy with tools can accomplish what I did today. In addition the price of the two tie-rods compared to have a shop do the job, one saves somewhere close to $250.

As with my previous posts, if there are any suggestions on how I could have done this better or possibly I missed something, please let me know.

2001 V70 Outer Tie Rod Replacement

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