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2001 V70 Too early airbag deployment?

No one wants early airbag deployment!

The Air Bag Deployment Incident Told By The Owner

Hello. This is my story.
I own a 2001 V70. 145000 Km. After replacing the famous ETM, a door lock the tailgate wiring and the A/C Condenser it runs fine. Found good information in this board. 1 Month ago my wife had a little crash into the back of a other car during “take off” on a traffic light.

Same happened to a friend of our family ( V70 2004) He always had driven his car slowly til contacting the Garage wall. On a certain day….bang… – scrap. Safe the Planet.

No other visible collision damage than few scratches on the front/tail bumper but……all air bag’s and belt tensioners fired, what means for me, that a perfect car has turned itself into scrap because repair is far too expensive compared to the value of the car.

It seems to me that Volvo has counters built in in all the ….CM’s, programmed for self-destruction after > than 7 Years.

Is there anybody out there, having the same bad experience? A known problem or just bad luck? All the dealers around had the same answer with a smile: “That is for your safety”. I can’t agree. Not that slow / little impact force. (Before the V70 i had a Volvo 121 than a 740 for nearly 24 years. Never troubles. Real Swedish Tank’s.)

Story goes on with my Blown Bags:

I found all the necessary parts on a scrap yard. Same Car, same year, except other automatic tranny and 2.4 litre instead 2.3 L as mine. All belts, all bags, dashboard and sensor module. (belts complete with harness.)

Airbag sensor has same Bosch P/N but different Volvo P/N.
Got some Questions:

  1. Will the sensor fit my car as long as the Bosch P/N is the same? What car related datas are stored in this unit?
  2. Is it possible to drive the car to a dealer (for clearing all the fault Messages)without connecting the sensor during this trip or
    will this trigger a bunch of other fault messages or even stop the engine. All other stuff is allready replaced.
  3. I read different storys about the sensor after it has triggered the bags/belts. Some says it has to be replaced, no other way, other tells me the dealer can reset it via diagnostic system if all other components are serviceable again, the next tells me sent it for crash data clearing to special shops???? What is the point?

If this all went well, i will may be refuse to buy a old Lada right now….

Technical Details of P2 Volvo Airbag Deployment

jimmy57 » On the early systems with dual airbags almost all deployed both. The second take on this that Volvo used on your car was multiple level belt and airbag staging.

First level gets belts only if seat belt buckled. If a seat belt is not buckled (also empty seat) then the airbag is deployed as there was not a way to sense occupation of the seat. For second level the airbags are deployed along with belts. There is a time delay for front bags based on crash energy level. As crash force goes up the time delay, which is a very few milliseconds max, gets shorter up to no time delay for severe forces.

The bag needs to last longer but be less pressured for lower crash forces and last less and be firmer for higher crash forces.

The passenger seat getting an occupancy sensor came later and not in all markets. Occupancy sensor cuts off the passenger airbag. This was a legal requirement as some people have no choice but to have child seats in the passenger seat and the OWS is how the air bag gets inhibited when child seat or low weight humans get in that seat. The child seat gets strapped down and pts force on the OWS but there is a belt tension switch on these and a properly installed infant seat will apply force to cushion and the OWS below it and the belt will get taut from cinching seat with it. The Passenger Airbag Off warning will be lit letting the driver know the child seat is secure and the airbag is off.

2001 V70 Too early airbag deployment?

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