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2002 V40 Crank Timing Mark – Where is it?

Let’s talk about this Crank Timing Mark

timing markI’m putting my V40 back together after a timing belt, water pump, cam and crank seal replacement. I have an electronic copy of the factory manual (2004 edition) and the crank timing mark is not what I have. I have attached a pic of what I think is the mark that should go *between* the two notches on my crank gear. Can anyone verify?

Just an fyi, the car has 105K, so the belt was due. There was an oil leak on the exhaust side, so I’m replacing all of the seals. After futzing around with the whole timing mark issues, I went with the “Mark & Pray method,” as the factory method seemed a little over-the-top. I made enough marks on the cams to make it a go, no-go situation. The crank looks like it skipped a tooth recently (which accounts for the 22mpg we’ve been getting the last year, down from 26) which is why I’m asking the above question. This doesn’t look like its been answered here before.

2002 V40 Crank Timing Mark – Where is it?

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