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2003 Volvo Transmission Replacement: How Difficult?

Need a 2003 Volvo Transmission Replacement ?

MVS Forums user Lizardheart asks how hard it is to replace a P2 Volvo transmission:

I’m starting to get shifting trouble in this car, it has 185k so I guess I’ve done pretty well….since the car is still running well and in great shape and fact it I like it, I’m thinking about going ahead and doing the tranny replace, but I’m thinking about doing it myself.

So is that a reality based notion, or is it really super hard?

I’m pretty handy and definitely believe and act on the idea that in general even with buying special tools I can save money and end up with tools that I may use again and/or sell, and still come out ahead of what I would do with a dealer or shop…having said that this IS a fairly big job I’m guessing….

2003 Volvo Transmission Replacement

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