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2004 XC70 Bread Clip Fix — AC Clutch

Bread Clip Fix

MVS Forums member IdahoBob reveals how the famous bread clip AC clutch fix — a 5¢ solution to a $1200 repair at the dealer — works on 2001-2007 Volvos. Before this there had been no documentation (that I know of) that it worked for P2 Volvos.

The bread clip fix does work for newer Volvos. Most of the posts on Matthews are for older series Volvos, so I wondered if it worked on newer Volvos.
I did this, this past weekend on my ’04 XC70, and it works.

I suggest you look at YouTube. A guy in Texas (“TexasCoder”?) shows replacing the AC clutch on his ’04 XC90. This will give you an idea of what the clutch looks like. Another guy shows installing the bread clips on his 850. The clutch looks the same: 850-XC70/S60-XC90. I also have an ’02 S80 with the non-turbo 6 cylinder….same AC clutch.

What happens is that the clutch wears, and the gap between the clutch plate and the electro-magnet gets too wide. As the car & compressor gets hot, the electro-magnet’s strength weakens (this is physics at work, not just your vehicle), and the magnet either can’t pull the clutch plate to engage it, or it can’t hold it engaged as it gets hotter. The gap is supposed to be .3-.5 mm. Both of mine (XC & S80) had worn to 1.0 mm.

2004 XC70 Bread Clip Fix — AC Clutch

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