Volvo S40 Air Conditioning

These are typical symptoms of low freon. When idling the compressor is turning at a low speed and can’t compress as much freon. The airflow through the condenser is less, so less is condensed. At higher speed continuous driving the compressor is turning faster and there is more airflow through the condenser, so more freon is compressed and condensed per unit time and your AC blows cooler air. Have you checked the system pressure yet?

2005 Volvo S40 2.4i A/C oddity

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  1. 2002 Volvo S40
    1. A/C fuse removed because it was continuous running even when off it acted like it was on auto. I pulled the fuse until a fix could be acquired.

    2.Starter turns over and engine does not catch right away. Hotter it gets worse, colder it starts right up. It takes about 5 -8 seconds to turn over the engine. No CEL. It hasn’t stalled, although on occasion transmission hiccups a little, maybe dirty tranny fluid.

    3. Interior body panels vinyl coming undone due to unusual amounts of heat. Phoenix AZ 100+ degrees for going on 6 months! God damn how come people live here?!

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