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2006 XC70 AC Problem – Leak in Condensor

MVS Contributor IdahoBob has an AC problem with his XC70. He tried charging it, no luck. His XC70 developed a small leak in the AC condensor.


My ’06 XC70 developed a small leak in the AC condensor. I installed a new, aftermarket (Chinese) condensor, and then took the car to the local Volvo guy. He charged the system, and it will work, as long as it’s not hotter than about 80 degrees outside. The clutch would release after the compressor ran for maybe 30-45 seconds. I checked the gap (.6 mm). I’ll write a post about gapping the AC clutch on the ’06, since the clutch design has changed, and the bread clip and/or tie-wrap fix won’t work on this newer design. I replaced the clutch, as it wouldn’t hold, and the two contact faces were pretty pitted up and grooved out from the de-icer we have here in the winter. This new clutch is gapped at .3mm, and the system does the same: works fine until the outside temp gets up to about 80 degrees F, then the clutch releases. It will occasionally grab again, but release again after a few seconds. The AC guy replaced a questionable relay, and has an engine control relay on order. He says the engine relay is really hot when the AC is running. I checked the engine relay on my ’04 XC70, and it gets pretty hot also when the AC is running. The two relays are different part numbers; so I can’t swap them to see what the ’06 does. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can check and/or suggest to the AC guy, rather than continue to throw parts at this thing?

Other items to check in my eye are both low pressure and high pressure switches, this really sounds to me like it’s not fully charged too, maybe faulty gauges? Is the a/c guy charging by using gauges or vacuuming down and putting in proper amount? even if it is 40 lbs. on the low side (not as cool interior vent temp) and it corrects the clutch disengagement it would be OK.

06 XC AC Problem

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