2019 S60 Leaked! Yes, It’s a Baby S90

Teknikensvarld.se has the story… translated from Swedish:

2019 S60

Just over two weeks ago, it was a big world premiere for the new Volvo V60, which is also featured at the car dealership downstairs in Geneva . The comments fields, not just here at Teknvarvarld.se, were overwhelmed by positive comments. In particular, the forms were praised that are considered to be much more sporty than at the big brother V90 . But many who commented also expressed a curiosity about how the new S60 will look. Everybody does not want to have a combination, especially outside Sweden’s borders.

Now, at Teknvarvarld.se, we can exclusively adjust the curiosity, because today we can show you the world’s first image of the new Volvo S60, and with a car without masking. The picture is taken from Volvo in Torslanda and is seen next to an XC60 as well as a covered car as we know is an XC20 / XC40 electric car .

R-Design and Inscription The
Volvo S60 in the picture (as you can see in a slightly larger format here ) is allegedly R-Design-equipped, which means details to give the model a more sporty character. However, it should be added that the chrome gap between the end tubes is very similar to what it looks like on an Inscription-equipped S90.
On the tailgate there is an integrated wing in the same way as the S90 R-Design has. However, this wing can be purchased separately, regardless of engine alternatives and without being forced to R-Design. The S90 costs the backyard SEK 4,600. The price will be something similar to the S60.

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