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2020 Moderator Donation Drive


2020 Moderator Donation Drive was undertaken to assist volvo owners who make an effort to make this website a success.

The MVS Moderator crew help other Volvo owners because they love to help, not because they get paid. They are volunteers.

These guys are regular people with regular jobs, and trust me when I say if you have $10 or $20 or more to donate to them, it’s genuinely appreciated.

We are all facing difficult times; some of us may still have a job but there are many others who may be out of a job because of the recent COVID-19 crisis. Some Volvo owners may be leasing their cars, others may still have a large down payment but for the most part all of us need money for food and shelter. This Moderator Drive was undertaken to help Volvo owners who despite all the difficulties in their lives, take time out to make a contribution to this website.

Our 2020 Moderator Donation Drive will be transparent and names of all donors will be listed, unless they wish to remain anonymous. The donations will all be documented so the readers can see for themselves where the money has gone. Our 2020 Moderator Donation Drive is not designed to make anyone rich but every once in a while offer a small sum of money to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to our website. The amount of money donated is strictly personal and should be done freely.

Donate here. I’ll be keeping a running tally here.

Thanks a bunch, guys!

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