Volvo 240 DL Battery Does Not Charge

Working out electrical bugs on a Volvo 240

At least 160,000 miles, OD is dead, none of the gages are reliable, front lights are not working except on bright, shifts to high around 60 MPH, motor runs Ok, problem is I just acquired this car, battery was wrong group, drove it home some 30 miles stopped would not restart, dead, zero, jumped it off, so dead again / put new batt. (Bosch) in, cranks up first hit, ran for 1.5 days no problem, then cranked up stopped and did not start again.

240 DL “88” Batt does not charge

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  1. I have a similar problem with my car and it turned out to be faulty fuse wiring. Get a fuse tester (they are under 10bucks at autopart stores) and just see if any of the fuses don’t register a current aka-they’re blown. Finding bad fuses is a good lead into if the wires or wiring need attention.

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