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Bulb Replacement Guide: 3000-Series Bulbs

This is auxiliary data supporting  Volvo Bulb Guide and Cross-Reference topic in the Volvo forum.

3000-Series Bulbs

There is likely a good story behind the some of the redundancy for 3#5# bulbs, but I don’t have it. Some manufacturers list THREE different numbers on the same package in addition to A(mber) and K(rypton) variations. Double check the base and socket as noted below. (See Volvo table for bulbs in the 3000 range without a plastic wedge base, i.e. 3893 BA9s.)

Bulb Volt Amp Watt Base Notes
3057 12.8 V 2.1/0.48 A 26.9/6.14 W W2.5x16q (lower wattage low filament)
3157A 12.8 V 2.1/0.54 A 27.0/7.00 W W2.5x16q A(mber)
3357, 3457 12.8 V 2.1/0.59 A 26.9/7.55 W W2.5x16q
3457 12.8 V 2.1/0.59 A 26.9/7.55 W W2.5x16q Osram offers 3457A(mber)
3357NA 12.8 V 2.1/0.59 A 26.9/7.55 W W2.5x16q N(atural)A(mber)
3757A(K) 12.8 V 2.1/0.59 A 26.9/7.55 W W2.5x16q A(mber), K(rypton)
PY27/7W 12 V 27.0/7.00 W WX2.5x16q ECE has good bulb info, including W2.5×16d, W2.5×16q, and WX2.5x16q bases that the 3000-series bulbs use which may prevent one type from being installed in another.

Note: The manual for a 1998 S70 also lists 3357 NA, but due to Recall ID # 6397 – EXTERIOR LIGHTING:TURN SIGNAL Recall Date: DEC 06, 2000

“There could be inadequate contact between the bulb and socket which could cause the front turn signal not to function as designed. … Dealers will replace the left and right front turn signal <+ park light> bulb and socket.”

… one might encounter BAY15d sockets and 1157NA bulbs instead.

I suspect a Volvo bean counter tried replacing two single-filament bulbs (front park and turn) and their sockets with one dual-filament.

Since there was no dual-intensity amber ECE bulb, they tried an Ford-like amber 3#57 style bulb, but the cheaper plastic base didn’t hold up under continuous use (night and DRL), began to give, and contacts got dodgy. The quick fix for the one-hole lens was for dealers to retrofit metal-base 1157NA (SAE) bulbs and sockets while going with two separate bulbs in the future. By contrast, Japanese automakers went with large all-glass wedge bulbs like the 7443NA (dual-filament, amber, and sometimes referred to as “WY21/5W” though not an ECE designation).

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