740GL 1989 spark plug wire order

I recently replaced the distributor cap on my 1986. If you take off the distributor cap, you will see that each wire plug is labeled with the cylinder number it supplies. But to save you the aggravation of pulling the cap, here is the order on the cap starting on the driver’s side of the car: 2 – 1 – 3 – 4

Now, if the cap used on a 1989 is different than one used on a 1986, then all bets are off.

The cylinders on the engine are numbered sequentially with the one closest to the front of the car as #1 and the one closest the firewall as #4.

I hope this helps.

740gl 1989 spark plug wire order

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  1. I work on a 1988 volvo 740 turbo car will not start, already put ignition coil, spark plugs, etc., the current does not reach spark plugs one would like to help if anyone knows, the sensors are good in principle, if some help can contact 933407639, thank you.

  2. I have a 91 940 turbo 4cyl. automatic. the car stopped dead on Thanksgiving day, headed for Grandma’s house. Looked at everything first, plugs, wires, rotor, power stage (replaced) opened the timing covers and the belt was discentigrated, so Im sure the crank, cam, etc are off alingment.
    I followed the book 4 , 5 times. the weirdest is that before I broke it down. the firing order of my car was set up as 1,2,3,4, swear to you know who. weeks and couldnt get it right. someone, it looks like painted white marks of their own on the gears and cam wheel,etc. it finally started and runs horrible and the firing order that started it was 1,2,3,4. Got to be weird? since it has been setting since Nov but started now 3 times, just to warm it up a bit. but it runs way to ruff. looks like the plugs are saturated with gas, even though I got it to run;but have to keep foot on the gas or it almost dies; very poor something; not running right at all. Thanks CLiff Thomas any help?

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