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850 E-brake Cable Replacement: How To Instructions

Pauloil writes: 

I had a hot RR hub and my friend and I figured out the e-brake cable was shot, so I read up and want to share what I learned while doing this last week. There are several good posts about taking E brake apart and adjusting it, so I’m going to comment on R/R the cable and tell you what I think can be done to make it easier starting out with:

E-brake Cable Replacement on 850

inside, the 2 bolts by the handbrake adjusting nut and in front of the cigarette lighter are removed first. unplug the lighter and move the OBD data connector out of the console. Way down in are 2 T10 bolts to remove and I had to use small allen wrench to get the one on the left out:

All I did was move the console to one side or the other to get the cable end off. Decided I did not want to pull up carpet like Haynes says.

Outside again, the cable clip mounting bolt was hard to remove on the right with no access, so I used an industrial hacksaw blade. The little bit of screw left in the thick body metal piece was hard to get out, but I finally got it to screw on through and out the back. The bolt on the left side snapped right off 1/4in. down from the head, so I destroyed the old plastic piece here (after seeing a new mount comes on the new cable) and got the rest of the screw out with visegrips.

Refer to picture of the screw I sawed out and part of the broken old plastic mount:

850 Ebrake cable replacement: How to

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