Ten Years Later, 850 Still Flexy

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850 flex: I took off the OMP strut brace on my 850 after 10 years, and the most notable observation was that the driver’s door opens/closes differently when I park on uneven surfaces, especially where one wheel is more or less elevated than the others. The door contacts the frame (of course with the seal in-between) in different places… it feels different and sounds different.

This reinforces, no pun intended, that the P80 is a flexy platform, and finding ways to brace it make it a more predictable handling car, if not quieter and smoother-riding.

Thus the use of the rare C70 convertible subframe brace on other P80 models. All this is not news to the P80 community as much as it is me posting just to post. :D

OMP strut brace on my 1997 850 T5

Ten Years Later, 850 Still Flexy

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