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V70, 850 Wagon Spoiler Removal Instructions

Let’s talk Spoiler Removal

850 and S70 Spoiler Removal and InstallationThanks to Robert for sending this in to me just now. It’s a PDF document in Swedish and English on how to remove and replace the spoiler on Volvo’s “Gen 1” wagons. Excerpt:

  1. Applies to spoilers with brake lights Figure A applies only to 855 – Remove brake tight cover (1) by clamping over together and pulling it down and out. Figure B applies to 855 and V70 – Unfasten the door opener surround by inserting a putty knife in its upper edge and breaking the surround downwards.
  2. Applies to spoilers with brake lights – Insert a piece of cardboard between the panels on both sides so that the upper panel is protected.
  3. 850 Wagon & V70 Spoiler Removal InstructionsApplies to spoilers with brake lights removal of tailgate panel – insert your liners between the panel and rubber molding at the tailgate. Grasp hold oi the panel. Pull backwards and downwards so that the clips come undone along the entire lower edge. – Bend the panel down and strike the panel edge with your hand so that it comes loose. – Remove the panel.

V70 850 Wagon and Spoiler PDF

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