850: Well Bought, Well Restored to Stage 0

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This is Well Restored!

This is the first time I have worked on anything other than a Japanese vehicle, so the repair wasn’t without a learning curve. Now I am more prepared for the work I still have remaining.

Beautiful 850, bought, restoredFinally I used some scratch remover and wax and finished cleaning up the outside. I can’t believe how nicely the car has cleaned up…the car had a lot of build-up on the paint from infrequent cleaning/waxing by the previous owner. Much of the little scratches are now gone.

850: Well Bought, Well Restored

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  1. I have a volvo 1993 859GLT which I purchased my son learned how to drive on it and my brother who was sent to Iqar had an accident in it. I have had major work done like new gas line, new tranmission but am in love with this car that start’s like a dream. I now needs major front body work and new brakes and interior work. I want to keep it and want to get it fixed. Please can someone help me?

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