’97 850 Turbo De-Tuning

“Help Me Make My Volvo Slower”?

I know I’m going to sound stupid and ignorant with this, but I need to know if there is any way to tune down my 850 turbo. I kicks in at the slightest throttle pressure and is just eating up gas at a horrific rate. It apparently is not an engine tuning problem because 2 different Volvo mechanics have checked that out and they say that the engine is in great shape and running at peak.

Is there any way to tune the turbo that allows me to keep it from cutting in at low speeds?

’97 850 Turbo Tuning

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  1. It sounds like your Sports mode selctor switch is set on performance, try selecting the Economy mode and shifting will become normal. The swith is to left of the gear shifter.

  2. I would check to see if someone shortened the rod to the wastegate. To get the turbo to kick in sooner you shorten the rod a turn or three and it takes out some of the delay of the turbo kicking in. Someone may have shortened yours up a bit much and you may need to start lengthening it one half turn at a time.

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