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98-99+ Volvo S70 Differences

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98-99+ Volvo S70 Differences

From what I’ve read the 98 S70 is basically the “best” Volvo produced in terms of reliability and so forth. Does that carry over into the 1999-2000 model years except that they have an ETM which costs around $600 (aftermarket) to fix? Would there be any advantage over purchasing a 98 over a 99 or 2000 model year?

Differences in 98 S70 vs. 99 and 2000+
98-99+ Volvo S70 Differences

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Pretty much the ’99-’00 has the ETM but they also have a different ECU. ’98 was the last year for the Bosch Motronic. Also somewhere in ’99 the transmission on the auto’s went from a 4-speed auto to 5-speed auto and require the JWS-3309 transmission fluid- otherwise, the cars are virtually identical. No real advantage anymore of getting a ’98 over the ’99-’00 S70 if you’re willing to shell out $600 for the ETM when it goes.
In ’01 the S70 disappeared but you can get into the newly designed V70’s or S60- however, I would avoid that first year- there were problems with at least the V70 transmission in ’01. Also, avoid AWD until at least ’03. The system was upgraded then to HALDEX…before that, they were problematic with some expensive repairs if things weren’t taken care of.

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