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New MVS T-Shirts!

I’m taking orders now. Don’t wait, all previous runs have sold out pretty quickly. Navy – $20 Navy order page Navy for MVS Contributors – free shipping Navy for International users Royal – $24 Royal order page Royal for MVS Contributors – free shipping Royal for International users Don’t put Royal shirts in the dryer… Continue reading New MVS T-Shirts!

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Replace S70 Speakers — How To

I posted earlier asking about recommended speaker sizes to replace the blown speakers in my daughter’s S70 and the response was pretty much crickets. I had to make a couple of trips to the local Pick & Pull for some other parts so I tried to pull the speakers from a donor S70 while I was there but they were rotted as well. The foam on the edges of the cones had basically turned to dust on all of them in the lot. I pulled a speaker for each door and a rear deck speaker anyway, I think the Pick & Pull just gave them to me or charged very little for them since they were bad anyway and I was buying a bunch of other stuff. I figured having them would let me experiment on fitting other speakers into the frames.

Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring Replacement 2000 Volvo XC

Removing the oil pan for o-ring replacement is a messy affair, but very necessary if you are experiencing low oil pressure due to old and degraded o-rings. I was quoted $500 for the job from both my Volvo dealer and an indie shop. I’m VERY glad I saved the money doing the Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring… Continue reading Oil Pan/Sump O-Ring Replacement 2000 Volvo XC

Project: Sticky Automatic Shifter? Here’s Your Cheap Fix.

Volvo V70 XC

This tutorial offers great photos for fixing the sticky automatic shifter. aloggia » Hello. I’ve got a 1998 v70 xc – Automatic transmission. The button on the gear shifter tends to stick in warm weather so when I put the car in Park, I find myself prying it out with my fingers. It always comes out… Continue reading Project: Sticky Automatic Shifter? Here’s Your Cheap Fix.

V70 P0455, P0440, P0442 Fix with Photos

Finally got fed up with the host of evap codes on my 1998 V70 AWD and went ahead and replaced the canister hoses, rollover valve hoses, purge valve (and surrounding hoses), and the three inches of rubber line connecting the small vent filler tube to the hard plastic line coming from top of fuel tank. I didn’t order any special hoses, rather went to Autozone and bought a variety of molded J and U hoses (they were kind enough to let me go the back and pick out what I needed).

DIY: 1998 V70 REAR Cam Seals

DIY: 1998 V70 REAR Cam Seals using SKF 11809
(1999+ models are somewhat different)

There are a few DIYs for REAR Cam Seals but sometimes little tricks (i.e. ow to mark and how to remove seals) are not mentioned.

I just installed the SKF Rear Cam seals using SKF 11809. In every respect, it looks identical to the Volvo seal.

S60 Inside Door Handle Fix

MVS member ppitts’ 2001 S60 has a interior drivers side door handle that keeps popping its anchor off of the handle (actuator). Is the only solution a $450 new panel? No! I have a 2001 S60 that needs a new interior drivers side door handle. The actuator keep jumping out of the groove in the… Continue reading S60 Inside Door Handle Fix

Change the Fuel Pump DIY, 2004 XC70

XC70 2001-2007

New MVS member — and now MVS Contributor — Allgonquin cranks a DIY out of the park with this very nice DIY writeup w/ photos on how to change the fuel pump on a 2004 Volvo XC70: OK, I think this is my first post, bear with me. I researched this topic on the net… Continue reading Change the Fuel Pump DIY, 2004 XC70