CVVT – What They Do & Why

Cvvt Hub

The CVVT job — burn off environmentally bad gasses produced in the first minute or so from a cold engine. CVVT technology superseded fussy air pumps after it matured enough to be a dependable component of passenger cars. See Wikipedia’s CVVT page. See MVS’s how to change the CVVT hub on P2 Volvos. See all […]

Replace the connectors on the CVVT

Here’s a great write-up by (now) MVS Contributor v-45magna on how to replace the connectors on the CVVT when there doesn’t seem to be any other option! If you are replacing your CVVT solenoid and the plug is different than your previous one and you are looking for a way to make it work, here […]

How to Change CVVT Hub on P2 Volvos

MVS (now) Contributor F250 made a very good PDF that guides us through CVVT Hub Change Guide on P2 Volvos. Download the PDF here. See F250’s Forum topic here for discussion and methodology. Important information VIDA instructions may not have the correct information with regards to clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW) movements when setting the […]

CVVT Solenoid Wiring

MVS Volvo Forums member Guiness06 has a problem. He ordered a new CVVT solenoid, but it has no wires(!): Have diagnosed that the CVVT Solenoid is faulty so ordered a new one however this came (from US to France) without the connector so need to make new connector in fact plan to solder directly onto pins […]

Replacing CVVT Solenoid for Code P1332

This if for ’99 and later Volvo’s that have CVVT Timing. If your timing belt change was done properly and you only get fault code P1332, then it might be the CVVT solenoid that is bad. You can replace it and in this write-up w/ pictures and diagrams, ecbsykes shows you how! Thanks, ecbsykes for […]

MVS Newsletter: January 2018 Volvo News!

Newsletter 1 2018

This email newsletter went out on January 29th. Not subscribed? Get on the list here. Volvo News – January 2018 Please use MVS Sponsors. They’re the ones at the top of MVS pages. When you buy parts from them, you help keep MVS on the Web. IPD, eEuro, FCP and Voluparts. Features Part Two of […]

Make Lemonade from a ’99 S80

“Well after the passing of my beloved 850 T5, I purchased an 1999 S80. Now I know this wasn’t exactly the championship year for this car but my father bought it on impulse so I gotta make lemonade. What are some things to be wary of on this model/year.”

Troubleshoot A Dead Volvo 5-cyl Engine

Tips on Finding the Problem on White Engines Pull the head and inspect before doing any other plotting and planning. If the problem were to be rusty or stuck valves then the fix is easy. The cam sensor is different on Denso with different reluctor and the cam I believe to different on rear where […]

How to Rebuild the Head on a S80 T6

1999 S80 T6 Head Gasket Diy1 -

Read the rest of this particular S80 T6 Head Gasket job, and don’t forget to see our other S80 T6 Head Gasket DIY topic. This post by Boosted5cyl on the Volvo S80 Forum is a pretty outstanding How to Rebuild the Head on a 1999 S80 T6 engine, in photos. DIY it and save your $1500. As […]

Volvo Glossary: Terms, Words and Abbreviations

Hello Volvo car owner! Here is a Volvo Glossary for you to understand Volvo terms and abbreviations. Please contact me if you can’t find what you’re looking for, and I’ll add it. Volvo Terms and Abbreviations so You Can Speak Volvo Term Definition 4C or “Four-C” Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept (Volvo’s active suspension system) 854 […]

Timing Belt Change Tips

Putting the Tbelt on would be immensely easier if you were to take off the crank pulley as instructed by VADIS, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep the crank from rotating while removing the pulley so my fear of messing something up led me to follow the instructions on Volvospeed (Bay 13) which […]