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A List of Volvo Paint Colors and Their Codes

Here are all the Volvo Color Codes and the different models on which they were used. In this page you’ll find:

  • How to read the color code off your Volvo’s VIN plate
  • Where the VIN plate is located
  • A list of Volvo paint codes

Have time for a fun detour into some oddball Volvo paints? Check out our Cream Yellow 607 post and the other Volvo Cream Yellow paint code used on the S40/V40 twins, paint code 248. Looking for Volvo interior color codes? That interior color code page features many more product plate locations so you can find both exterior paint code and interior color code of your Volvo.

How do you find your Volvo’s color code? VIN Plate.

Product ID plate: Second column, third line down, #9 in the image below.

Where is the VIN Plate?

Btw, the color code on most vehicles is located next to the last line on the identification plate under your hood- usually on the front fender well, left side.


Volvo Paint Color Code List

Paint Code

Color Name

Volvo Models Used On

19Black – (Same as 019?)PV444/544, Amazon 1962-67, 1800S 1964, 1967–1969,
1800E 1970–1972,
1800ES 1972
20Pearl grey
21Metallic red/Wine red
31Midnight blue
33Riviera blue
42California white/Cascade White/IvoryAmazon 1962, 1800S 1969, 1800E 1970–1972, 1800ES 1972–1973, 140
43Red + Grey beige
44Grey beige
45Midnight blue + Grey beige
46RedAmazon 1962-70, 1800S 1963–1969, 1800E 1970–1972, 1800ES 1972–1973, 140, PV544
48Golden beige
49Black + Grey beige
50Grey beige + Black
51Grey beige + Red
54Grey beige + Midnight blue
56Olive green
62Taxi yellow
63Signal yellow/Kinaro
64Hayanna brown
65Grey beigeAmazon 1962
67Slate blueAmazon 1962 PV544
68Olive green
69WhiteP1800 1961–196
70RedP1800 1961–1962
71Dark grayP1800 1961–1962
72Fawn/Fawn brownAmazon 1962 PV544
73Mist greenAmazon 1962 PV544
79Pearl whiteAmazon 1963-70, 1800S 1963–1968
80Graphite grayAmazon 1963-66, 1800S 1963–1966
84Desert sand/Golden yellowAmazon 1963-65
85Blue-greenAmazon 1964
89Light blue/Horizon blueAmazon 1965-66, 1800S 1965–1966
90Dark blueAmazon 1965-66
91Light greenAmazon 1966-67, 1800S 1966–1968
94Dark greenAmazon 1967-70, 1800S 1967–1969, 1800E 1970–1971
95Light blueAmazon 1967-68
95-1Light blue1800S 1967–1968, Note also:, 95-2, 95-1 Blue Tint, 95-2 Green Tint
96Pacific blueAmazon 1967-70 140
97YellowAmazon 1968-69 1800 1969
98Grey/Pearl grayAmazon 1969-70, 1800S 1968–1969, 1800E 1970
99Medium blue1800S 1969, 1800E 1970
019Black StoneMost models
096Dark Blue240 760
100Yellow/Safari yellow1800S 1969, 1800E 1970–1971
102Blue metallic/Steel blue
Amazon 123GT 1967, 1800S 1969, 1800E 1970–1971
103Burgundy/Maroon/Wine red
104Turquoise/Blue metallic1800E 1971
105-1, 105-2Gold Metallic1800E 1971–1972, 1800ES 1972–1973, 140
107Sun yellow1800E 1972, 1800ES 1972–1973, 140
108Sapphire blue1800ES 1973, 140
109Ocean blue/Ocean green1800E 1972, 1800ES 1972, 140
110Cypress green1800E 1972, 1800ES 1972–1973, 140
111-1, 111-2, 111-3Alpine blue metallic/Light blue
1800E 1972, 1800ES 1972–1973, 140
112Taxi-rail 1016
113-1Orange1800ES 1973, 140
114Dark blue140
115-1Sea green1800ES 1973, 140
117-1Caribbean red/Dark red140
118Light green
119Sahara beige/Beige metallic
120Andes copper metallic/orange
121Aleutian blue/Medium blue
122Mojave beige/Beige
123Shenandoah green/Medium
124Volvo blue
125Cimarron brown/Red
126Champlain blue metallic/Dark
blue metallic
127Tahoe green metallic/Light green
128Carlsbad yellow/Mid
yellow/Medium yellow
129Cherokee red/Red
130Silver metallic240 260 740 760 940 960 850
132Marine blue/Dark blue
133Dark green
134Glacier blue metallic760
135Coronado gold metallic
136Kingsmire green metallic
137Artesia beige/Mist gray
138Castlewood brown/dark brown
139Scotia blue/Mist blue/Light
345 240 260
140Lexington green/Mist green
141Richelieu red/Wine red240 260
142Vernon green/Deep green240
143Dark orange
144Woodside tan metallic/Brown
145Light wheat
146Cameo brown/Beige brown
147Cypress green metallic/Light
green metallic
148Seneca red metallic/Wine red
151Onyx Metallic/Brown
metallic/Black metallic
760 240
152Light yellow240
153Red brown burgundy
154Inferno red
155Signal red340 940
156Signal Green/Racing green
159Light Green
168Blue metallic
169Green metallic
170Lorna gold metallic
171Orange rally
172Beige/Rose beige760 240
173Red240 260 760
175Redwood metallic240 260 760
177Graphite metallic240 260 760 960
178Green metallic/Silver green
240 260 760
182Medium dark green
183Blue grey metallic360 340
184Silver grey metallic360 340 345 480
186Dark red metallic360 340
187Anthracite metallic360 340
189White / Polar White240 260 740 760 960 850 C70 S80 S60 S70 V70 XC70 XC90 S/V90
190Yellow240 760
192Light blue240 260
194Blue metallic240
195Blue gray340 345
197Black metallic760
198Wine red340 345
199White340 345 360 480
200Blue metallic240 260 760
201Beige/Dark beige240 260
202Dark brown240 260
204Dark blue240 260
205Brown metallic760 240 260
206Dark beige340
207Dark blue340
208Dark green / Onyx metallic360 340 345
209Light beige metallic360 340
210Blue metallic
211Red/Deep red/Bordeaux red240 260 760
212Grey240 260
213Mid blue240 260 760
214Dark grey metallic240 740 760 850 940 960
215Blue240 260 760
217Red345 360 340 480
218Arctic blue metallic360 345 480
219Ocean blue metallic/Blue gray
360 340 480
220Gold metallic360 345
221Red metallic360 345 340
222Dark green
226Light green340
227Slate blue340 360
228Dark gray340 360
229Dark red
230Dark blue
231Bright red340 360 480
232Scarab/Petrol blue340 360
233Tico blue
234Super white480
237Indigo BlueS40 V40
238Wine redS40 V40
239White satinS40 V40
240Forest GreenS40 V40
241Flame redS40 V40
243Dark BlueS40 V40
245Light Blue
248Panama Yellow
249WhiteS40 V40
250RedS40 V40
302Light green metallic340 360
303Pearl silver metallic
304Graphite gray metallic360 340 480
305Black metallic360 340 480
306Smoke silver metallic360 340 480
307Light blue metallic
308Beige metallic340 360
309Aubergine metallic
310Beige Metallic
311Lavender metallic480
312Peppermint metallic340 360
313Champagne gold metallic340 360
314Peacock green metallic480
315Hortensia metallic
316Taupe brown mica
317Piu blue metallic
318Paris blue metallic480
319Steel gray metallic440 460 S40 V40 480
320Ocean Blue
321Dark green metallic480
322Red / Burgundy pearl
S40 V40 480
323Storm grey metallic440/460ES from Jan 1996 480
324Silver Dawn metallicS40 V40
325Pacific Blue metallicS40 V40
326Olive Green metallicS40 V40 440/460ES
327Violet metallicS40 V40 440/460ES from Jan
328Blue Pearl
329Pure Silver metallicS40 V40
330Brown Metallic
332Black metallicS40 V40
335Bright Green metallic
336Tropical Lime
338Autumn Gold
339Red PearlS40, V40
343Atlantic Blue metallicS40 V40
344Linear Pearl
345Sydney Bay Pearl
346Black Sapphire metallicS40 V40
347Titanium Gery metallicS40 V40
348Bamboo Green metallicS40 V40
350Peacock green metallic + Smoke
silver metallic
351Maya Gold metallicS40 V40
352Silver Green metallicS40 V40
353Cherry Red metallicS40 V40
354Virtual Blue metallicS40 V40
357Terra Grey Pearl
400Beige metallic/Gold
240 740 760 960
401Light brown
402Blue green metallic240 760
403Silver green metallic240 760
404Light blue metallic240 760
405Silver metallicS90 V90
406Dark blue240 740 760 960 850
407Blue pearl
408Red pearl
409Wine red240 740 760 960
410Light blue metallic240 760
411Light taupe/Beige/Gold
850 960
412Verdigris / Tropic Green
240 740 940 960 850 S70 S80 S90 V70 V90
414Ruby red960 850
415Fjord blue850
416Light teal / Onyx Green
850 960
417Pacific /Nautic / Dark blue
960 940 850 C70 S60 S70 S80 S90 V70 V90 XC70 XC90
418Pearl red/Regent red
850 S90 V90
419Pewster silver / Silver sand
850 S90 V90
420Amethyst /Aubergine pearl
421Emerald green metallic / Dark Olive pearl850 V70 S70 C70 S80 S90 V90
422Turquoise pearl850 V70 S70 C70
423Autumn Gold Pearl metallic850
424Polar White Pearl Topcoat
425Champagne metallic850 C70
426Mystic silver metallic850 C30 C70 S40 S80 S60 S70 S90 V70 V90 XC70 XC90 V50 V60 XC60
427Graphite gray metallic850 C70 S60 S70 S80 S90 V70 V90
428Coral Red metallic850 S70 C70 S70 S80 S90 V70 V90
429Black Pearl
430Sandstone Pearl
431Aqua blue metallic (Verdigris)850 S70 S90 V70 V90
433Blackberry metallicS90 V90
434Frost Green
435Saffron metallic / pearlV70 S70 C70
436Cassis metallicC70 S80
437Sandstone metallicV70 S70 C70
440Limestone pearlC70
441Cosmic Blue Pearl
442Java pearlS80
442MJava Metallic Matte FinishC30
443Moondust metallicC70 S80 V70 S80 S70
444Polarctic pearlS80 S60 V70 XC70
445Venetian Red pearlV70 S60
446Ash Gold pearlC70 S80 S60 V70 XC70 XC90
447Scarab Green pearlC70 S80 S60 V70 XC70 XC90
449Mistral Green metallicS80 S60 V70 XC70 V50
450Cosmos Blue metallicS80 S60 V70
451Maya Yellow pearlC70 S60
452Black Sapphire metallicC30 C70 S40 S80 S60 V70 XC70 XC90 V50 V60 XC60
452MBlack Sapphire Metallic Matte FinishC30
453White Pearl
454Ruby Red pearlC70 S80 S60 V70 XC70 XC90 V50
455Titanium Grey MetallicC30 C70 S40 S80 S60 V70 V50
455MTitanium Grey Metallic Matte FinishC30
456Crystal Green pearlXC90
457Flash Green
458Ocean BlueV70 XC Ocean Race Limited Edition
459Dawn Blue PearlV50
461Sky BlueC70
462Flint Grey metallicV50
463Blackcurrant PearlV50
463MBlackberry Metallic Matte FinishC30
464Safari Green Pearl
465Cedar Green
466Barents BlueC30 S40 V50 XC60
467Magic Blue MetallicS80 V70 XC90 XC60 V60
468Lava Sand
469Lunar Gold
470Sonic Blue
471Willow Green
472Oyster Grey MetallicS80 V70 XC70
474Celestial Blue MetallicC70
477Electric Silver MetallicC30 C70 S40 S60 S80 V50 V60 V70 XC60 XC90 V90(new) V40(new)
481Cosmic WhiteC30 S40 S60 V50 V60 XC60
484Seashell MetallicS60 V60 V70 XC60 XC70
487Ember Black MetallicC70 S60 S80 V60 XC90
490Chameleon Blue MetallicC30 S40 V50 V60
492Savile Grey MetallicS60 S80 V60 V70 XC60 XC90 V90(new) V60 V40(new)
493Caper Green MetallicS80 V70 XC70
494Terra Bronze MetallicXC60
494MTerra Bronze Matte FinishC30
495Lime Grass Green MetallicC30
498Caspian Blue MetallicC30 C70 S60 S80 V60 V70 XC70 XC90
526Light yellow/Kinaro
528Light blue
589Wine Redl
601Classic / Signal Red240 740 760 960 850 V70 S70 C70 S60
602Wine red240 760
603Ivory240 760
604Midnight blue240 740 760 940 960 850 S60 S70 S80 S90 V70 V90
605Atlantic blue240 740 760 940
606Classic green850
607Cream Yellow850 T5-R
608Dark Lilac
609Bright Red850
612Passion RedC30 C70 S40 S60 V70 V50 V60 V70 XC60 XC90 V90(new) V40(new)
613Deep BlueV50
614Ice WhiteC30 C70 S40 S60 S80 V50 V60 V70 XC60 XC70 XC90 V90(new) V40(new)
616Dark LilacV50
618Hello YellowC30
619Rebel BlueS60
621Amazon BlueV40(new)
700Twilight Bronze MetallicC70 XC70 XC90 XC60 V90(new) V60
701Orange FlameC30 S40 V50
702Flamenco Red MetallicC30 C70 S60 V50 V60 XC70 XC90 V40(new)
703Electrum Gold MetallicS60 V60
704Vibrant Copper MetallicS60 V60
705Biarritz Blue MetallicS80 V70
706Ocean Blue II MetallicV60 V70 XC60 XC70
707Crystal White PearlXC60 XC90 V90(new) V60 V40(new)
711Bright Silver MetallicS60 XC60 XC90 V90(new) V60 V40(new)
714Osmium Grey MetallicXC60 XC90 V60 V90(new) V40(new)
717Onyx Black MetallicS60 XC60 XC90 V60 V90(new) V40(new)
719Luminous Sand MetallicXC60 XC90 V40(new) V60 V90(new)
720Bursting Blue MetallicXC60 XC90 V40(new) V60 V90 (new)
721Mussel Blue MetallicXC60 V40(new) V60 V90(new)
712Rich Java MetallicXC60 V60
713Power Blue MetallicXC60
722Maple Brown MetallicXC60 XC90 V90(new)
723Denim Blue MetallicXC60 XC90 V40(new) V90(new)
724Pine Grey MetallicXC60 XC90 V90(new)
725Fusion Red MetallicXC60
930Silver Metallic850
931Dark Silver Metallic850
932Anthracite or Titanium Silver Metallic850, or *possibly a wheel color code
708Rocky Rose Metallic?
710 Misty Blue?
726 Birch Light Metallic?
727 Pebble Gray?
728 Thunder Grey Metallic?
729 Glacier Silver Metallic?
731 Dark Gray Metallic?
733 Sage Green Pearl?
935 White Silver* possibly a wheel color code
938 Silver Stone Metallic* possibly a wheel color code
967 Iron Stone Matte* possibly a wheel color code
Volvo 740 Paint Codes
Volvo 740 Paint Codes

A List of Volvo Paint Colors and Their Codes

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I would like the paint color for VIN #
: YV1LS56D6X2578952 It is a 1999 Volvo S-70 GLT 4 door sedan Turbo 2.4 liter engine with 5 cylinders

Thank You

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