A Sticker for a Donor


Everyone who gives/gave this round Spring ’19 MVS Moderator Donation, you’re all entered into a raffle for the last I [heart]My Volvo sticker known to exist.


You don’t have to do anything. I’ll perform a random selection for one winner from the list of donors. 

I found two of these the other day in my basement. It was like Indiana Jones. I swapped the stickers with a small bag of sand on an altar, then got chased by a large boulder and escaped in an airplane.

I sent one to MVS Contributor paulgraz who bought two, years ago when I was out but thought I had some left. At the time I had to tell him sorry, and he graciously said to keep the money and put it toward hosting. When I found these the other day, I asked if I could send him one and use the other for this raffle and he said he’s cool with that. So here it is!


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