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A Volvo for Mom… 2018 XC60 or V60 Cross Country. But not a Subaru Forester.

No. Please, God, No.
No. Please, God, No.

Actually, another Volvo for mom. She had a 2001 V40 which she had mixed feelings about. Her biggest complaint was the seat. Which was always strange for me to hear, but then it was a 40-series seat, not a P80 or P2 seat, which are regarded widely as the paradigm of car seats for their respective generations.

Whatever. I suggested a 2018 XC60. The new XC60 has (some are options, not inexpensive ones) all the driving aids mom needs.

  • City Safety
  • Oncoming Lane Mitigation
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
  • roll stability control
  • run-off road mitigation
  • road sign information

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She’s in a 2016 VW CC (more stylish, more expensive Passat). The doors open so far sometimes I think they’ll hit the side of the car TWO spaces away in a parking lot. If you’ve never seen the doors on a CC, take a look next time they’re opened. Mounted horizontally, they’d have surface area enough to be wings on a small aircraft.

Anyway, she wants to sit up higher. She’s in her 70s, and she needs every driving advantage she can get.

We test drove a 2015 Subaru Forrester (mom’s thing) at the Carmax on South Broadway (Denver) and it was awful. Horrible plastic, everywhere. The touchscreen infotainment unit didn’t work, stuck on a message about a missing SD card. Zero driving aids. It was easy to talk my mom out of it, despite her impatience to get out of her CC.

~ ~ ~

Then she asked what I recommended for the next step. “Well”, I said thinking how to put this the right way, “I suggest looking at the next tier up. Like Mercedes, Volvo and BMW.”

She thought about this for a second and said Mercedes and BMW are out (because of a brand thing), but Volvo? She’d consider Volvo again. So right that minute we left Carmax and went to McDonald Volvo a few blocks away.

We met Grady, the rare salesman with a sense of humor. We all hit it off. We sat in an already-sold 2018 XC60 and loved it. We joked. We laughed. Grady spoke about the lifetime Volvo parts warranty.

It was a party.

My mom promised to return. I warned her that Grady may not be able to sell her a used car, but no, she called and asked, and he could sell CPO Volvos.

Next day, she wanted me to do price research on a 2018 XC60 and CPO XC60s. I told her I couldn’t do it that day, but in the next ~2 days.

And then… Fast forward 3 days…

~ ~ ~

After all this, mom bought a Subaru Outback. 🙁 🙁 Impatience got the best of her.

A 2017 I think, I have to talk to her and ask. Nothing wrong with that. I think.

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