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About This Blog – MVS

MVS Blog

About this blog – MVS

Welcome to the new MatthewsVolvoSite Blog! I want to say thanks for using this site, and explain what this blog is about, besides Volvos.

The best answer is often a qustion. In this case, the question is: Why would I add a blog to my site if I have a forum?

Because the forum is dry and technical (as it should be). This blog is my way to be more opinionated, and to invite those of you who want to, to also be opinionated.?Ã?¬â?  In other words, you’re invited to post here also. Just ask me and you’ve got a blog account. There’s no minimum or maximum number of posts, and there’s no pay :-(. Just the feeling that you’re providing others with another side to a subject, whether it’s a wide-open automotive thought, or your experience with a specific brand of tire on your Volvo.

So what’s the big deal with opinion? As the trend in Web content shows (blogs’ rising popularity), Web users want opinion! They want my and your feelings on Volvos, on fuel economy, on how to fix a Volvo and how to buy a Volvo.

Sharing opinion is just as important as?�¬� sharing technical information. This is what the Internet is for.

Thanks for reading, and look for the following coming up soon in this blog:

  • my recent Stage 0 850 work
  • what tires I put on my 850
  • and more

Thanks for using MVS,

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