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I started Matthews Volvo Site in September 2001. It was a hobby to keep information about the Volvo 850 in one place.

Back then, there were a couple of Volvo forums, but the same questions about maintenance kept coming up. As a Web developer, I figured I could fix this problem by making static pages about Volvo maintenance. So I did.

I stored common fixes in XML files that would display as HTML pages. It was a halfway step toward the standard of storing data in a database. At that time, I didn’t have any database skills, so this was the only way I knew how to accomplish this.

The next year, having learned how to set up and administer databases, I installed and opened the Volvo forums.

The rest is history: what you see now, but with a whole lot of content added, both in the forums and in the site’s pages.

The heart of this site is the MVS Volvo Forums. Below is a list of pages that exist in one way or another to support the information in the forums.

Sitemap, Non-Forum