AC Parts & Components in Volvos

Here are the major AC Parts & Components in Volvos. Here are photos and descriptions from the eEuroparts catalog. All these are covered in detail on eEuro’s outstanding AC components page.

Major air conditioning Components
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Moving off the clutch gap and recharging low refrigerant procedures, which themselves are absolutely viable “low-hanging fruit” AC possible fixes for your Volvo air conditioning problems, let’s take a longer look at AC components:

AC Compressor

Compressor -

The compressor does the heavy lifting in all A/C systems, and is powered by the engine by means of belt and pulley.

Receiver Drier (Accumulator)Receiver -

After the cooled down compressed liquid leaves the condenser, it will go into the receiver drier, also sometimes known as the accumulator.

Expansion Valve (or Orifice Tube in some systems)

Expansion Valve -

These AC parts are positioned right in front of the A/C Evaporator, and are the key point in the process where the refrigerant takes a turn for the colder.


Condenser - This specific condenser comes ready with a receiver drier built in.
This specific condenser comes ready with a receiver drier built in.

From the compressor, hot high-pressure gas flows to the condenser, which is the large aluminum radiator on the front of your car with metal pipes going to it.


Evaporator -

Now that the vapor/liquid refrigerant is able to get some elbow room to expand, it continues the process on through the evaporator.


Ac Refrigerant -

A refrigerant is a substance or mixture, usually a fluid, used in a heat pump and refrigeration cycle. In most cycles it undergoes phase transitions from a liquid to a gas and back again. – Wikipedia


Ac Oil -

AC oil operates as a lubricant and heat removal medium.

Finally, there’s the miscellaneous air conditioning pipes, AC lines and seals

Ac Misc Hoses -


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