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AC System Moisture Prevents Cool Air

Let’s talk about AC System Moisture

… an AC Fix on a P2 Volvo (2002 V70)

We have now had some days where the temperature is 25-30 degrees celsius and the air con is now ice cold ,so I can only assume that there was moisture in the system which was freezing and by vacuuming the system for 45 minutes before re-gassing has removed this. Unfortunately I was not able to get a scan tool to check the temperature settings but as all seems fine now I wont need to.

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AC System Moisture

Bonus! More About The Volvo P2 Platform

The Volvo P2 platform is a global full-size unibody automobile platform developed and produced by Volvo. It is designed for single wheelbases and is adaptable to front- or all wheel drive configurations. It was developed by the automaker before its 1999 acquisition by Ford Motor Company, and debuted with the 1998 Volvo S80.

The platform was in use from 1998 and was slowly phased out beginning in 2006. The first generation XC90 remained in production until 2014 at which point it was the only model still in production based on this platform. For the Chinese market a special version of the XC90 called XC Classic was made from 2014 to 2016. After the second generation XC90 had been launched in all markets the platform was retired.

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Richard St.Onge says:

Have 2001 S80 with AC problem. Recently with temperature in the 90’s with humidity,see that the AC shuts down after 5 minutes of running,with a warm smell blowing through the vents, what would cause this problem?

Joe Yanantuono says:

i have a 1998 s90 the a/c is charged and the air blows cold for about 15 min. then gets warm and muggy if you turn it off for 5 min and restart it it good for about 15 min the compersor is always running and never stops until you turn it off i am lost

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