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MVS-Amazon link helps MVS! Is Amazing

Here’s a fantastic trove of Volvo information that takes the form of PDF (downloadable) files, a Winter Wheel Configurator, and many other things… including diagrams on how to install the thousands of Volvo accessories listed in these documents. It’s shockingly good.

Astoundingly, it covers everything from the 1982 Volvo 700-series to every 2018 model Volvo sells. Take a peek at various models and years as examples:

Polestar Performance Optimisation (Excl. BE, BR, ES, FR, IT, KR, CA)

Polestar engineers have taken a holistic approach to take the driving experience to a new level. No less than five key functions have been optimised to provide faster response, better balance and more intuitive driving. This results in a car that responds quickly and predictably, which is important for those who engage in active driving, whether on the racetrack or on the road.

According to the Wayback Machine, it dates to late 2014, for what it’s worth. This collection is really so wide and deep it’s difficult to wrap your head around, and it’s not a simple thing to explain in writing. Parts, accessories, services, diagrams… it’s gigantic. It’s best experienced by finding your Volvo model(s) and poking around. There’s more stuff for newer Volvos, naturally.


Funny little tidbit, which probably isn’t funny to those of you out there who had to use it:

Volvo offers a fast and quality-assured installation kit suitable for most alcohol locks on the market.

Thanks to MVS Forums Contributor hankbates for the tip.

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kenneth bruun-olsen says:

I have recently purchased a 1997 Volvo v70 wagon with a problem in the front passenger side electric window. All I can say at this point is that it doesn’t work. Where can I find a diagram of the mechanical workings of this window so that I can have a printed schematic when i begin disassembling the door?

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