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MVS Has Hundreds of Thousands of Users Every Month

  1. Reach: MVS gets well almost two million unique users a year.
  2. Time spent on MVS in aggregate is 14980 hours every four weeks. In plain English, your ad could be displayed for more than 15 thousand hours every month to people who buy car stuff.
  3. Flexible billing cycles. Monthly or yearly or in-between. Discounts for longer.
  4. Demographics: MVS users are educated and have money to spend.
  5. I’m one guy, not a faceless ad network or group who doesn’t know who the boss is. Have a problem? I’ll fix it. Need to talk? Grab the phone. Just call or email if you have a question.
  6. I’ll do your ad. Free, and update it if you want. Use the ad on other sites, I don’t care.
  7. SEO value: unlike ad networks like Google AdWords and some other Volvo forums’ links — the value of a link from MVS to your site is transferred directly. Your ad is on every one of over 95 100 thousand+ unique MVS pages. In other words, your ad URLs go to your site, not an intermediary like where SEO value is lost.
  8. Transparency: I’ll give you a login to my Google Analytics account so you can see traffic numbers for yourself.

My Users have MVS loyalty. Why?

  1. I have personal relationships with many MVS members. They send in DIY tutorials, I say thanks to them, they say thanks to me for hosting the site, and they buy from my sponsors.
  2. My Volvo Forum has the best, friendliest, most knowledgable moderators on the planet. They do it for the love of helping other Volvo owners.
  3. I offer realtime, personal tech support to my users. They email me via the MVS Contact page. I fix the problem.
  4. We want users to repair or improve their cars. That’s Job #1. Links to and the others are not only tolerated, but encouraged. If it helps you fix your Volvo, it’s on here. Simple. Smart.
  5. MVS is more than a Volvo Forum. It’s a curated repair database of the best repairs and performance upgrades available. We’re currently at 910 965 1200+ entries in the Volvo Repair Database.
  6. MVS is the place to go on the Web to get Volvo questions answered. The most most searched on terms that land users here:

#1 matthews volvo site #2 matthews volvo That means people know me by name. My reputation is out there — I’ve been around well over a decade now — and I’m on Volvo owner’s radar. People seek MVS out.


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