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Another tailgate trim fix

volvo tailgate trim

MVS Forum members discuss the tailgate trim fix.

If you own a Volvo wagon from the 80s or 90s, there’s a good chance that the interior tailgate trim is breaking away from the tailgate at the top by the glass. This common problem is caused by repeated slamming of the tailgate which causes those top mounting clips to fail.

To replace the complete tailgate trim is costly. Now you can permanently repair the upper portion of your broken panel with a repair kit for a fraction of the cost of a new panel. The kits include improved metal mounting brackets to repair the broken out holes on top, screws and clips.

MVS Forum Member michael schulte says:

Final fix for tailgate trim panel on 850 wagons. Go to your local mom and pop hardware store and purchase 4 rubber grommets size 9/16od x 1/4 id x 1/16 x 3/8. Insert the grommets into the oval holes of the alumium plates attached to the tailgate trim panel. Using your OEM panel fastners, force them into the center of the grommets and your done. My trim panel has not come loose for a year.

MVS Forum Member Volgrrr adds:

A very practical solution to a common problem with these vehicles.

I have a spare Grocon kit for the next time mine starts to rattle but if/when it does then I will use your method instead.

All I’ve got to do now is find out some way of keeping the blasted tailgate stoplight cover locked firmly into position instead of always tilting to one side fractionally.

MVS Forum Member squeaky3 replied:

To those of you who replied to this question, I need to remove and replace my 1995 850 GLT wagon’s tailgate panel. I have a junkyard replacement carpetted panel and the bottom plastic tailgate trim, which is loose on one side, and the top of the panel is also loose. The handle on the replacement was broken, so I experimented in removing it, following Haynes’ instructions, and the rest of it broke. The handle on the one still on the car is good. I need to know how to safely remove the handle, the panel, and the tailgate trim, and reinstall same. This is driving me nuts. Please help. (I’ve asked this question a half dozen times before, with no replies.)

MVS Forum Member vegasjetskier replied:

VADIS says to use the V70 tailgate on the 850, so hopefully these directions will apply to what you’re doing.

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Another tailgate trim fix

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