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Any special tools needed to replace control arms?

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The control arms can come in two types: one has 2 bolts through the pivot bushings, and the other has 4 bolts through the sub-frame. The 2-bolt type is quite easy to do and standard tools (metric sockets, hammer, pry bar and torque wrench) are all you need.

The 4-bolt type is more difficult I have read. The bolts through the sub-frame can be difficult to access. I think the passenger side of the engine needs to be raised slightly to remove the bolts. Somebody correct me if I am wrong about this.

Got the control arm replaced. This fixed my pull to the right when I stepped on the brakes. The alignment seems to have fixed my “rear drifting” problem as well. The mechanic said the bushing was so bad on the control arm that when he got it loosened, it just fell out.

Any special tools needed to replace control arms?


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2 thoughts on “Any special tools needed to replace control arms?

  1. James Russell says:

    Hi, I have a 1994 volvo 850 sedan that needs the lower control arm/bushings replaced on the passenger side as well as the rear shocks. But, the car was originally owned and driven in germany and I have nivomat rear shocks as well as the older half year aluminum looking lower control arms with the bolt in ball joints. I am trying to figure out if i can swap to the newer style lower control arm with the pressed in ball joint as well as swapping out my tired nivomats for standard rear shocks?

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