Review: ARD Green Tune

Another ARD Green Tune Review

Volvo Performance TunesMVS Volvo Forum user ojdorson writes “It was a real pleasure to deal with Lucky. After a few quick e-mails, I decided to go with his recommendations – ARD Green Tune with M44 conversion. The ECU was shipped very quickly and the installation process is fairly brainless. I lost one of the stupid metal clips from the ECU box, but that’s nobody’s fault, really.

The learning process was simple, but hard to execute. The throttle runs it calls for lead to some really high speeds really quickly. But, I followed the procedure as best I could and the boost is really there. The car behaves quite normally under moderate throttle and then really flies when the boost comes on. There’s a much greater thrust when in boost – when my daughter reaches for the radio buttons, I can just downshift and push her right back against the seat!”

’96 850 R – ARD Green Tune

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