Volvo News! DIYs! And More! August 2018 Newsletter

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  • The new Volvo 360c
  • Customers satisfied
  • Non-Volvo cars? 
  • Snapped spring ugh
  • Nice V70 T5 for sale
  • Turbo lines diagram for S/V40?
  • P3 XC70 maintenance talk
  • Have a delta link tool?
  • POTM
  • QOTM


The mysterious 360c leads our Volvo news this month. First off, we don’t know exactly what it is, and well, we know it has TAILFINS.

Our bet is on the Volvo 360c will either be a hybrid or fully-electric vehicle, certainly with some sort of autonomous capability. At this time we have no word on size or styling, but going by the clues given in the name — 360c — it’ll likely be a smaller car, either a coupe like the C30 or small 3-door wagon. Can’t wait. Until then, just one question: why tailfins? 

Volvo is tied for #1 in a customer satisfaction survey. “Volvo had an ACSI score of 85 on a 100-point scale, a new high for the Volvo brand and an improvement from a score of 82 last year.”

DIY and Ownership

Non-Volvo car chat megathread. Wait, there are non-Volvo cars?

Snapped spring, ride height chart, and ride talk.

Great V70 T5 for sale with low miles, plus loads of extras.

Call for help: do you have a turbo line diagram for S/V40 Gen 1?

Third generation XC70 talk – It’s a look ahead at one of the centers of future forum discussion, as the torch passes from P80 to P2 to P3.

I’m looking for a new delta link tool to buy, hopefully from you. I’d rather take one off your hands and give back some of your sunk cost than buy a new one. While we’re on the delta link topic, here’s a good post of how to (not) use it.


SO nice. Click the image to go to the post.


So to put it bluntly, my headlights are about as good as some cheap flashlights taped on the front bumper.  – MVS member WhatAmIDoing in this headlight reflector thread.

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